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[!] JUCY spotted in Louie of Geeks’ Twilight MV (2:34). Most likely filmed in October of 2013, since they took a selca together.

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[!] ToppDogg’s Arario album is #1 on YesAsia’s bestseller’s list.

cr. kulturepop

[TUTORIAL] How to register + level up in ToppDogg’s Fancafe.


There’ll be 3 things we’ll teach you how to do:

  1. How to make a Daum account.
  2. How to register in ToppDogg’s fancafe.
  3. How to level-up.

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[140116] The layout of ToppDogg’s fancafe has been updated.

[INFO ISAC] ToppDogg is in TEAM C


Together with other idols such as VIXX, ZEA, Nine Muses, Jewelry, K-Hunter, Tiny-G, Boys Republic, AJAX & MIB.


Cr: MBCnest

[TREND] We’ll be trending #HappyKidohDay for Hyosang’s birthday on Dec 16 at 12:00AM (KST)

[!] Topp Dogg Dogg’s Out Repackage album to be released on 13 Dec! With 2 additional song! 말로해 chinese ver and Cigarette!

cr: firyn