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[YULL] BLOCK B Sunbae-nims Sincerely congratulating you on winning first! Very Good!!!!!!!!!:)

[HAYANA TO JAEHYO] Congrats Congratsss~!*_*

[JAEHYO TO HAYANA] Thanks Yana-ya

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[JAEHYO] It’s been a while so a selca of me too, ramyun-hair Hyo



[JAEHYO] I dreamed that I was fighting a slime. The slime poked me in the eye with the tip of it’s head so I woke up, but my eye really hurts and it stings so my eyes are teary and I can’t sleep.. what kind of situation is thisㅡㅡ

[FAN 1] Jaehyo did you gain weight?

[JAEHYO] Yeah, I gained weight

[FAN 2] You’re handsome^0^ But oppa why does your face length look like Kyung oppa’s…?

[KYUNG] That’s because I opened my mouth and clenched my jaw..ㅋㅋㅋ


[JAEHYO] It’s crazy, it’s hard, I’m tired and my body isn’t following along but I like it T/N: Deleted Tweet



[TAEIL] Ah… I really like cheetahs~~

[JAEHYO] Ah… I really like ostriches~~

[JAEHYO] Although it’s obvious, whenever I look at the mirror, once I feel that I am handsome 

[KYUNG TO JAEHYO] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

[TAEIL TO JAEHYO] What’s up with writing and then deleting..;?

[TAEIL] I’m so cute. To be honest, I’ve figured out the point at which people say I’m loveable, so I know the method of gaining love hehe 

[JAEHYO TO TAEIL] Have you lost it?

[KYUNG] even when I think about it myself, my appearance on stage is really cool

[JAEHYO TO KYUNG] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Did you lose it too?

[KYUNG TO JAEHYO] Whoa This hyung is the highest rank.. After tweeting just a second ago, deleting it and then hacking my twitter as well as yours.. Jjang. I didn’t even think that far…

[FAN TO KYUNG AND JAEHYO] What’s wrong with you oppas?……Everyone be quiet because Minhyuk-God is the most handsome!!!! 

[KYUNG TO FAN] That’s not it.



[JAYPARK] Is the waterpipe bad for health? I like it tooㅋㅋ

[ZICO TO JAYPARK] King of waterpipe Jay Park~

[JAYPARK TO ZICO] ㅋㅋYou know it! 

T/N: Waterpipe = Hookah

[JAEHYO] RT “[FAN] Goodnight Jteve jobs "

So handsome

T/N: Jteve Jobs = Jaehyo as Steve jobs, because of his outfit..

[JAEHYO] WooJihoㅡㅡ


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[JAEHYO] Hey, I felt good when our song came on under Mr.Choi Kangrok’s cooking recipe but when I saw the recipe and it’s food that I don’t dare collect so I felt sad

[JAEHYO] How come the charger doesn’t work after two months of using it

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[JAEHYO] Ah I’m watching Master Chef and I want to eat Mr.Choi Kangrok’s eel. It looks so delicious

[JAEHYO] In order to become first on “Everyone’s marble” Lee Taeil deleted my number which was originally first Bastard

[ZICO TO TABLO] Hyung, I’m Zico!!! 
Do you have any thoughts on doing an entension album for Fever’s End

[TABLO TO ZICO] Ah It’s Zico ㅎㅎ Answer: Yes^^

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[JAEHYO] I am Ahn Jaehyo BLOCK B’s Ahn Jaehyo Just watch everyone I’m really lonely these days I love you and miss you my friend Minhyuk

[ZICO] Back and Forth Waddup!!!!!

[JAEHYO] Ah Pyo Jihoonㅡㅡ

[JAEHYO] Ah PyoDoriㅡㅡ

[KYUNG] Home food

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[JAEHYO] When you’re not feeling good, what is the best thing to do Please teach me

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