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[TAEIL] Sohee is always working hard~~~ㅎ”: “SAY - How deep is your love Cover (with.SUMI)

[SAY to TAEIL] Taeilleu jjyaeung~ (jjang meaning best)

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[YULL] BLOCK B Sunbae-nims Sincerely congratulating you on winning first! Very Good!!!!!!!!!:)

[HAYANA TO JAEHYO] Congrats Congratsss~!*_*

[JAEHYO TO HAYANA] Thanks Yana-ya

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Cho PD, to release a 13-member hip hop idol group in October, “A different concept from Block B”.



The hip hop artist as well as the producer, Cho PD, has revealed that a 13-member hip hop idol group will be debuting this October.

In one of TV Report’s recent interviews with Cho PD, he revealed, “A hip hop idol group going by the name of ‘Top Dog’ will be debuting soon. The name ‘Top Dog’ represents the key player in a sports game. Recall the name ‘Park Jisung’ and you’ll get what I mean.” He also added, “This team will be composed of friends that are outstanding in different areas including rap, dance and producing.”

“Their age will range from 19 as the youngest to 23 as the eldest, the age gap will not be very huge.” Cho PD said, and continued, “This group has already been planned out since 2 years ago. To be honest, after launching Block B, we’ve went through a lot of trial and errors. Considering that, we’ve filled in the other necessities in our plan this time.”

To clear up the recent disputes about Block B planning to take their own paths, Cho PD explained, “The new group, Top Dog’s concept will not take over Block B’s current one at all. Even so, they will not be under where Block B was when they first debuted. Top Dog is also a very capable group, already well-armed with experiences from various stages.”

In celebration of Cho PD’s comeback with his mini album, “In Stardom V3.0”, a showcase followed by an after-party will be held, on the 13th of September. His album will be released on the 16th

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[!] Regarding Block B posts.

Seeing that Block B is no longer a part of Stardom Entertainment, we’re sorry to say that their everyday updates and news will no longer be posted on Stardom Family anymore. It’s too bad that we will no longer be able to update with Block B news and seeing that this blog was originally created by BBCs as a way to stay especially updated about Block B, it’s a bit heartbreaking for the admins to have to put Block B under the “former artists” section. However, everything happens for a good reason, and I hope you will all continue supporting the other very talented Stardom artists as well Block B with their future promotions and music! Thanks for supporting this blog, and I hope you’ll all support Block B under Seven Seasons Entertainment as well!

(We will keep updating about any news article that may involve the Stardom and Block B case for the next few days.)

~ Admin Pro (and Admin Mika)

[NEWS] 130829 Block B to resume activities and make an October comeback


According to multiple music industry sources, Block B is preparing a new album release, aiming for a comeback around September or October. The members have been enthusiastically working on their appearance, practicing choreography, and composing songs.

A representative from Seven Seasons told Newsen that, “The Block B members are preparing for a comeback. They are planning to release a new album in October.

Block B have gained huge popularity through ‘Nillili Mambo’ and ‘Nanlina’. However, they had to halt activities due to talk about their behavior and conflict with their ex-agency. If Block B does have their comeback as planned, they would be returning to the music industry after about 10 months.

Source: NEWSEN
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[NEWS] Block B’s long conflict with Stardom comes to an end

On August 29, Block B have finally come to an agreement with their agency after their conflict in January where the group filed an injunction for the termination of their exclusive contract.

After the dismissal of their injunction application in June, Block B had maintained constant discussion and negotiations with Stardom. They have have settled all conflicts and found a way to resume their activities.

Following their shocking agreement, Stardom has worked with a newly established management company, Seven Seasons for two months with conditions and have transferred the exclusive rights to them.

Stardom says about this big deal, “We are very pleased for the members and agency, and we will wholeheartedly support Block B’s activities.”

Seven Seasons said, “We will do everything we can so that Block B, who have had such a difficult time, can step into the music industry again and show their talents. We thank all the fans who have stuck by Block B until the end by believing in them and supporting them. We will surely replay that trust.”

As Block B and Stardom’s conflict comes to an end, their next step gathers attention.

Source: NEWSEN

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[TAEIL] Tomorrow the braces come off

Hoo I’m already excited


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[JAEHYO] It’s been a while so a selca of me too, ramyun-hair Hyo