Get To Know Stardom Family

Stardom Entertainment was originally establish in 1998 by Cho PD himself to distribute his own albums following his debut. The name was changed to Future Flow after the release of his third album and the label went on to discover and debut artists like Ra. D and Dok2. 

Future Flow was abandoned due to some discord within the label but later incorporated into the Brand New Stardom merger. Brand New Music artists used to be joined with Brand New Stardom (where Block B & Miss $ were) until Rhymer split off from BNS and brought artists with him to BNM. 

No one knows why they split apart.  And no, they are not the same company.

Block B eventually left as well officially in 2013, due to some disagreements between the company and the group. Stardom now consists of Cho PD (CEO), EvoL, Jung SeulGi, and Topp Dogg. (Cr: bontheblock & 32bar)


B101 Seolleung Bldg. 683-26 Yeoksam 1-dong 
Gangnam-ku, Seoul
South Korea 135-916

(Telephone) 822-2051-7734



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